Thursday, February 26, 2009


I know its been WAYYYY too long since I've blogged...but seriously, I'm still checking in on everyone! I just could not help but post today. I've been following many of you closely lately and 3 of the most AMAZING women I know, have had their prayers answered. Steffie, Kimberly, and Nikki have been blessed over these last few days and I'm over the moon for them! Every time I look at their blogs, I want to weep tears of joy and I get tingles all over my body!! I'm so lucky to know all of you and to be praying for you on a daily basis. Since I've been on this journey with all of you for so long, it seems like I have a bond with your stories. Adoption to me is so close to my heart. I honestly feel as if one day I will adopt. Why else has God put me in this position?! I will hopefully be back sooner more then later and have my blog up and running again. My wedding is fast approaching and I'm busy busy busy! I love you all and I'm praising God today for the wonderful miracles that he has brought to so many of you. God is good!!