Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Winding Down

Hi everyone! I just wanted to update everyone really quick. I'm still here and doing very well! I haven't been able to blog due to not having Internet and plus this summer was a super busy one! I hope you are all doing fantastic! I have decided to lay low with the blogging until we get Internet up and running in our new house.... I know its a bad decision but I just don't have the time or resources right now! I still try to read your blogs as often as I can, so I'm not totally gone! ;) I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day. It is sad to see summer winding down but hey, we get to look forward to a beautiful fall! Miss you all...


Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Best Friend and I

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I miss you guys so much I can't hardly stand it anymore! I think about you bloggers 24/7! This summer is FLYING by and I can't wait stand not having a computer at my house! I thought having my computer at my best friends house would be perfect but then I started working 12-9pm and that leaves NO time to get here to blog....UGH.... Ok enough of this....what can I fill you all in on!? We got our reception site booked and the down payment put down on it. We also have the church date saved. I'm definitely thrilled that those two big parts are done but there is SO much more to do. Work is good. I'm loving it more and more everyday! Bad news...my camera broke that has all my pictures of the house and what not on it. Sad day that was. Hopefully God will grace me with the money for a new one...ha. Anyways, I feel like I have so much more to tell you all but its all jumbled in my head. All I know is life is good, Tyler is WONDERFUL, however he just got shipped 5hrs. away to work and will possibly be gone for awhile :( .... I'm trying to stay positive and just know that I get to spend the rest of my life with him! We have been plugging away at the new house. I gutted the kitchen and bathroom last weekend so that made me feel good and now it feels more "livable."

I'm sending my love to all of you. I pray and think about you all daily.

(This is a pic of my good friend Kelly at a Girls Night Out!)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SO much to talk about!

Wow, a lot has been going on these last few days! Where do I begin... Well work is going very well and I even got a raise already! :) It is so fun to be working in the salon atmosphere and I'm so thankful that I was able to get a full time job with this job market. Ok on to bigger news.... My mom and I went out yesterday to look at reception hall and to TRY ON WEDDING DRESSES!!! What a successful day we had! I fell in love with the "ballroom" and I fell IN LOVE with a dress!! I tried on a few and wasn't thrilled and then I tried on a dress...I think "THE" dress! I didn't want to take it off. I was walking around in it, sitting down, twirling around, smiling ear to ear, and just loving the look of being a bride. The girl helping us grabbed a teirra and a veil and then my mom lost it. The tears started flowing! We had a great time and I'm so thankful that we found a reception hall so quickly and I found a dress on my first try! OH and other big news....we are moving up our wedding up a month! We are now getting married on August 22nd, 2009! I'm so excited. Tyler and I have been spending endless hours talking on the phone about wedding stuff. He's working up north for a couple more weeks then he will be working closer to home! :) Well my friends, as soon as I get pictures uploaded I'll be doing posts on the house and more wedding stuff. I'm going to be selecting bridesmaid dresses soon so I'll try to post pictures for some input. I hope you are doing fabulous and enjoying the best season of all!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Girls Night

Last weekend my good friend Abby came into town from Chicago to visit her sisters and me! After work, I picked her up and we headed back to my house to get ready. We picked up my best friend Melissa and headed out to dinner. We had such a fun time! That was until the HUGE thunderstorms rolled on in. I can't believe the weather we had this past weekend. It has been one thunderstorm after another! Anyways, the storm rolled in about the time we were headed out. We got to my friends apartment just as it began to down pour. For the next 2 hours the rain just came harder and harder and the thunder and lightening were outragous! We were going to head out to a couple of bars but decided to have just stay in and play card games instead! It was a fun night and I'm so glad Abby got to come visit! I miss you friend! Here are some pictures of our night!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Summer Look!

I have my computer up and running!! YAY!! I'm keeping my computer at my best friends house, she lives about 5 minutes away from me. They have wireless so I'm taking advantage! ;) I decided it was about time for a new summer look because its finally getting toasty outside! I'll be back soon for another update and pictures of the house!!!

**DON'T YOU JUST LOVE MY NEW SIGNATURE?? Check out the BLOG FAIRY...she rocks! ;)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And the beat goes on...

Today has just been one of those days... It started off with a wakeup call from work asking where I was. Yes, my alarm decided to NOT go off this morning and I over slept. Fabulous...just what I need for starting a new job. Luckily I work with some very nice people and they completely understood. I did however manage to take a shower, get ready, and be in my car all within 15 minutes....yeah that takes talent! haha (Coming from the girl who takes 1.5 hours to get ready!) Well after that my day was just crazy and unorganized...boo to that! Anyways, I have had a lot on my mind lately. Not being around blogging world is on my mind constantly. I HATE being away from the Internet. It is seriously killing me. I think about all you bloggers 24-7 and pray daily for all of you. I'm trying to get to the Internet more regularly but this summer is going to be here and there I'm afraid.

Well the weather is finally showing signs of summer which makes me happy. Although I'm working 5-6 days a week, it still is a good feeling to wear sandals and dresses! Work is going good and I'm finally done with training. I've been put on the schedule as a regular employee and I keep getting praised by my manager which really has kept me going. It is still hard to get used to this "real world" life style but its slowing growing on me.

As for the house...I have pictures on my camera but don't have them uploaded yet unfortunately. I'm so in love with it though! It is in dire need of some TLC but it will get there. Tyler and I started planting some veggies and flowers in our little garden and he's planning on starting some inside demolition this weekend. We also met our neighbors and they are super nice! They are a young couple with 2 dogs and glad that we are moving in and not some old people...hehe They are going to be a lot of fun!

Ok well I better get to bed and set TWO alarms tonight...HA! I miss you all terribly and I'll try to be back as soon as I can. XOXO

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Birthday Pictures & Thank Yous

Hi friends! I know I haven't been around lately and its getting worse and worse. Work is really "taking over" my life right now. Good news though...Tyler closed on his house yesterday so "we" now have a house!! However, the condition of the house is not so good....good thing he's my construction man! ;) Ok so here are some pictures from my birthday party...beware...young men and women have a good time! hehe....

AND... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Paula and Nikki for my PIF gifts! I got a Starbucks gift card from Paula and a book from Nikki that I've started reading and I'm loving it! You girls are so amazing and I'm so thankful to have "met" you! I know I still owe gifts to my top 3 and I'm planning on shopping for them early next week. My life is just chaos right now so give me time... ;) Love you all and I'll be back soon! (Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!)

Sunday, May 25, 2008



My party last night was soooo fun! I can't wait to post pics! Thank you for the birthday wishes my friends! xoxo

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well its going on 11:15pm and I've been going since 6am this morning. Let me tell you friends...I'm not used to this "workin' world!" I'm pooped! I have had a crazy busy week with work and just one day left until the big BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!! I'm planning a shopping trip with my mom Saturday morning, then doing yard work and setting up for my birthday bbq I'm having at my house! We are going to play sand volleyball, have a bonfire, have a cookout, and just enjoy the beautiful night. I'm super excited! About 10 of my close friends are coming so it should be fun. I can't wait to post pics! and then Sunday is my actual birthday and its suppost to be 80* out! Yahoo!! I'm hoping to do something fun on the lake!

Ok, I need to update on thank yous for the pay it forward posts and I still need to get my gifts out to my top 3! No worries friends....I'm busy but I'll get your gifts out as soon as possible! ;) Whew...I need sleep...I'll be back soon... xoxo

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


"you do something nice for someone and then they do something nice for someone else."

Ok friends...here it is! I just got back into my bloggin' and I found this on many sites. I think its an AMAZING thing to do because we are all so lucky to know each other and why not show our love with some gifts?! I know most of you are adoptive mothers and I kind of "snuck" my way into your lives....but I love all of you dearly and I know that God introduced me to all of you for a reason. So here is the concept. The first 3 people to comment on this post and promises to do this post, if not already done it on their own blog, then I will send them a gift! They however, have to return the favor and send a gift to their first 3 comments! This will hopefully spin out of control and everyone will be feeling the love! ;) THANKS GUYS!

On another note...I want to say a BIG thank you to Lea for sending me a sweet card and a beautiful bookmark! I will be using the bookmark for my next book I read and can not wait! You are so sweet to think of me and my new "journey" in life....Love you friend!

Ok...that's all I have for now... Work is still going good. I'm learning new things everyday and I'm having so much fun with it! I'm in the process of planning my 22nd birthday party...should be a good post! ;) Love you all!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

To All Mothers

Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful, amazing, and inspiring mothers out there! I'm not going to be with my mother tomorrow because she is visiting her parents in North Carolina. :( I hope you all get to spend the day with your little ones!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Here I am!

Hi friends! Sorry...I've been M.I.A. for a few days. I started working yesterday...and I LOVE IT! I feel right at home there and all the girls have been so nice to me. There is definitely a lot to learn and its going to take awhile to get it all down but I'll get there. I also have all my stuff moved back home and put away. That was quite a chore! I hope you are all doing well. I missed being away... Unfortunately we don't have Internet at our house because we live so far out in the woods. However my sister and her husband do and I'll be here a lot the time. Also as soon as my best friend moves home from school, I'll be keeping my computer at her house and I'll be back to blogging fairly regularly! As for now I'll be in and out. That's all for now...I have the day off and of course it has to rain all day! ;)


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Looking Back

Since when did four years go so fast? I finished my last exam today at 10am and now I'm free!! Well almost free...after I complete 900 hrs. of work and graduate in December...then I'll be free! ;) I wanted to take a few minutes to rrecap what happened over the last four years...

~Freshman Year~

Well here are the roomies from freshman year. It was a tough year to say the least. Don't mind the cup in hand and giant beer poster in the back...hehe....thats college for ya! Ok well this year was not my favorite for so many reasons. Two of the roomies were lets say...very friendly with the men and were not very polite. The other roomie and I (the one I'm sitting next too) became really close even though she studied 24/7! This year was hard because we lived in the dorms and I had an awful experience. I chose to be on a co-ed floor and all the men on our floor were pigs. I was away from Tyler for the first time and it was just no fun. Also, Tyler and I broke up my freshman year. It was the most horrible thing I've ever experienced. We obviously got back together... ;) but that time in our lives we just weren't ready to be serious. At the end of my freshman year, I was set on not coming back to school. I hated it. BUT thankfully a few girls from my tennis team in high school asked me to live with them in an apartment my next year so they saved me....

~Sophomore Year~

This may have been my favorite year...other than this year. Living in an apartment was so much fun! The girl to my right and the one on the end gradated a year ahead of me in high school and I played tennis with both of them. They are both very sweet girls and I'm thankful that they saved me from dorm life! This year was fun and I did pretty well in school. It was good to be off campus and I felt much better about college. I grew up a lot this year...also, after getting back together with Tyler over the summer before we decided to call it quits "for good" this time. We had a hard time getting back to our usual selves and it was just destroying our relationship. We both left with smiles and knew it was for the best...right then anyways...

~Junior Year~

This is the only picture I have left of me and my roommate from Junior year. We kind of had a "falling out" towards the end. Anyways, this was a fun year. A little lonely I guess you could say. During the beginning of this year I was dating a new guy and I knew it just wasn't meant to be. I thought about Tyler all the time and I started to miss him a lot. Tyler and I went almost 6 months straight without talking to each other and a whole year without seeing each other. When the guy I was dating and I broke up I didn't shed a tear because I knew Tyler and I were meant to be together. Crazy enough, 2 weeks after the break up, Tyler called me and we started talking again on a regular basis. I was SO happy. Tyler got a job in the town were I go to college so he asked if he could come see me when he was up here. I told him yes and from that moment on I knew...I just knew.... We started dating again but I told him that I'm only going to date him again if it forever...and he said that there wasn't a doubt in his mind. :)

~Senior Year~

And here we are... This picture was taking the day I moved in with the boys! This year has been incredible for so many reasons! Where do I begin?! I got to live with an amazing family, I got ENGAGED, my passion for adopting grew stronger, I started blogging, and I got an awesome job! I'm so thankful for this year. God really put me on a roller coaster ride these past few years and knew exactly what I needed at the end. I am very content with life. I have so many amazing people in it and I couldn't be more grateful for all you blogging buddies. It's been a crazy journey and I'm about to open a new chapter in this "so called life..."

There it is my friends...that is how I spent my last 4 years. I'm going to miss college but I'm glad to be growing up and moving on. This next year is going to be insanely busy. Wedding planning and working 40+ hours a week will be consuming my life! Don't worry though...I'll be blogging regularly! ;) I'm going to start packing up my stuff...I'm moving home tomorrow. I may not be blogging for a few days because I need to get my life in order back home. I also start work at 7am Monday morning...lift me up in your prayers for a good start! I love you all....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feeling Good

happy face pixel

Whew, such a scary moment turned into something great this morning! I went to the Salon today to meet with the owners. Yeah, scary. I wasn't quite sure why I was meeting with the owners because I've already met with the hiring manager. Well I get there and I'm a bit nervous but I was doing fine. I sat down with them and they said..."The reason you are meeting with us is because Nicole thought your interview with her was great and wanted us to meet you for possible management opportunities." OMG!!! My heart started beating fast. How exciting is that?! Our interview went FABULOUS and she told me that she normally can tell within the first 5 minutes with meeting with some one if they have it and she said she felt great about me. Ahhhh....it felt so good to hear that. For once I feel old, on top of things, and so mature. I'm ready to become an adult in the real world and its a scary but exciting feeling. We talked about pay and all of that good stuff and it is actually a lot higher then I first thought...which is also amazing! Well long story short, I start training on Monday for receptionist and I couldn't be any more excited! I still can't believe that the first salon I gave my application to hired me and with the opportunity to get high up in the business! I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments. It really means a lot to me and I'm so happy that I have this great support system that is praying and looking out for me. Things happen for a reason and learning about this bloggin' world from Steffie B. opened my doors to so many wonderful people. I love all of you guys! Can't wait to blog about work! ;)

Ok, well enough celebrating for now...I have to get crackin' on take home finals and final projects! ...2 more days!

Monday, April 28, 2008

5 Short Days

pink gerber daisy

Today marks the last week of college and living in "college town!" I still can't believe that four years went by so fast. I still remember the first day here and walking into my dorm room thinking "Oh...my....gosh....4 girls are supposed to share ONE room?!" I've been through a lot of ups and downs over the past four years and I'm grateful for every minute of it. I'm super glad its coming to an end but its a little bittersweet.

I'm heading home for the night because I'm meeting with two managers from the salon tomorrow morning. I'm starting training next week for the job and I can not wait!! Well this week will be filled with mixed emotions while I'm packing up, tearing down, and spending my last days with the boys. Just 5 short days and its home bound for good...wow....

pink gerber daisy

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Phil 4:4

Friday, April 25, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday!?

This my friends is how I'm spending my Friday...

Do you see the crazy look in my eyes?  haha.....cocktail(s) tonight for sure! ;)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

dont worry be happy

I'm trying not to get discouraged because it is only April 24th and I know that summer is on its way but come on people....the high today is 75*....by Monday it going to be a high of 40*. (with maybe a snow shower!?) UGH!!! Sorry to put a damper on any good moods for those who live in Michigan. I guess that's the price we pay for living in this state. I'm trying to stay positive....so today I'm thankful that we got over a week of above 70* weather in the month of April. I'm also very thankful for being done with classes with just 2 finals to go. It is still so surreal because I'm really going to be done...for good! Finally, I'm thankful for Tyler and everything that he does for me. He's been a little down lately trying to mess with all this house stuff. Things are turning out to be higher in price then first expected and now he is getting shipped up north to work for probably the whole summer. ;( I'm just praying that he keeps his head up and doesn't get too down on himself. He's an amazing man and has so much to offer. I'm just so lucky to have him.

Well that's my thankful Thursday. It's not the most uplifting post...sorry for that! I hope you all have a great day and for all you Grey's Anatomy fans...The new ones start tonight! Yippee!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunshine & Sunglasses

We have just been soaking up the sun this week here at our house! Abby came over yesterday and we laid out! The boys loved bugging us and laying all over us....hehe I hope you all are getting this amazing weather also! Oh and I'M DONE WITH CLASSES!!! :) WAHOOOO!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

I hope you all had a great weekend! I went home for the weekend with Tyler to see some friends and family. I still can't believe I have 2 short weeks left at school and I'll be moving home. I told my mom that she needs to prepare to have a roommate! ;)

Well, the weekend was jammed pack full of fun! Today, I hung out over at Steffie B.'s house!!! We had so much fun! Tyler helped the boys with the boats and I hung with the girls. After the two Things got up from naps we went on the first boat ride of the season! I even got some color on my white, VERY white skin. hehe... Steffie and I never run out of things to talk about and I love spending time with her and Emmie!! Thanks again Stef for a fun day....Love ya!

Looks like the weather is going to be AWESOME all week long AND I only have one day of class this week!!! Yessss...I'll be working on my tan! ;) I hope everyone had a great Sunday~

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amy & Kyle

Oh how I'm going to miss Mr. Kyle. I have been babysitting him since he was 2 and he is going on 4 1/2! I think the world of him! He is such a lover. He has a heart of gold and is always keeping me on my toes. He is very sensitive and has a very pure soul. I love how smart he is at such a young age. He becomes friends with anyone and doesn't say anything negative without feeling terribly bad about it! His favorite thing he said to me this year was "Amy, my eyes are leaking..." when we were watching a sad movie. Now how precious is that!? This kid will steal any ones heart and I'm going to miss him when I leave...he just told me today..."Amy, you can't leave yet because you said you were going to leave when it turns summer and its not summer yet!" **tear**

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ryan & Amy

It is just starting to hit me...I'm going to be leaving the family that I nanny for and my little Ry-Ry in just a couple of weeks. He is my sidekick, my little man...we've had a bond since he was born. Watching him grow up has just been an awesome experience. He'll be 2 in June and he's already putting sentences together and discovering new things everyday. I'm so thankful that I got the opportunity to learn and grow with him. I will miss him SO much!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


happy dance

I got the call at 8:30am this morning! I'm going to meet with the other 2 managers on the 29th and then start training the week after! She seemed very excited and told me that the May schedule needed to be filled up so I need to start ASAP. You don't know how good this makes me feel. I've just been carrying this weight on my shoulders waiting to hear back...and also with this huge project I've been trying to complete.... Today I hear from the salon AND I finished my project that is due tomorrow at noon! I feel SO good about life...I'm just floating on cloud nine!

Thank you all for being so supportive and making me feel so good about the job and just life in general. I'm so thankful for every single one of you! I love you all!! ;)

(I was in such a good mood today, I had to make a new blog design with fun cheery colors!! ~Enjoy!~)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Funds and Prayers Needed

I would love nothing more then to help every single one of the sweet Starfish babies...however being a college student and where I am at in my life, I can't do anything financially for them. This is where I need all of your help! If anyone is willing to donate or just pray for these sweet angels of God...you will be truly rewarded by the man upstairs. I have such a passion to adopt and I know that God is calling me to do it down the road. I'm praying for each of the children and every single orphan in the world who needs a home. Thanks everyone for helping out! Just go here if you can make a donation.

God bless you all! ~Happy Monday~

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Spina Bifida Baby 3

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3 Older Kids

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Three Word Sunday

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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today is my dad's 51st birthday! I guess I could disclose his age since he doesn't really read this blog... hehe I love my daddy and I've been a daddy's girl my whole life! I used to go to pm kindergarten when I was a kid so my dad would stay home with me in the mornings. I always called him "my buddy." He would also always take me down to the bus stop when I was a bit older and we would wait for the bus together while making up fun games and just having a good time! I love my dad and I can't wait for him to walk me down the isle at my wedding....now that will just send me over the edge! Happy Saturday friends...